Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Do you pick out your outfit the night before and get it ready for the next morning?  I don't, and really think I should start.  I hate in the mornings when I wake up to take a shower and rack my brain on what I should wear.  I never ever leave myself enough time to try and dig out different items, let alone try on different outfits.  I have my routine down like nobodies business, I multitask like crazy (STBH doesn't understand why I walk around with a toothbrush in my mouth for 10 mins) but don't take time to think about what to wear.
Starting tonight, I am going to pick my outfit out and get it ready for the next morning.

Today's outfit.....Hmmmm, I thought it looked better than what I see in the pictures.  Errrrr, maybe not?!?!  I am definitely getting my $$s worth out of these boots.  Even thought they weren't even that expensive. 

Boots/ Famous Footwear, KneeHighs/Wet Seal, Dress/Ebay, Belt/vintage gift, Sweater/American Eagle


  1. I unfortunately do not do this and I should. This morning, for example, I thought about what I was going to wear while putting on my make-up. When I went into my closet I couldn't find my white tank top. I own like 10 white tank tops, but I wanted THAT one. I absolutely cannot wear the OTHER ones. I freak out. Poor bf has to watch this happen almost every morning. He ended up finding it tho and usually does :)

  2. I actually pick out my outfits hour/s beforehand..... not the night before!(Unless it's for a really good occasion)!


  3. lovely outfit!

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  4. Love these boots!!! I have been wanting a pair just like em. Looks great with you outfit.

  5. Thanks ladies!!!
    They are on sale at Famous Footwear


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