Sunday, November 21, 2010

Super easy, cheesy scalloped potatoes!

If you love cheese and you love Scalloped potatoes, you will loooooove these!!

Directions and ingredients
3 Potaotes
1/2 Can of cream of chedder add a little cream so make it a little runnier
A little cream
Sliced onions(1/4 cup-ish)
Velveeta sliced cheese (I used 4 sclices)
Smidge of flour
2 cups Marble cheese

Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Use as many potatoes as you have people, slice them up.  Grate about 2 cups of cheese, I used marble cheese.  Mix cream of cheeder and cream in a separate bowl. Slice up onions.
Start to make layers of potatoe, marble cheese, velveeta slices in quarters, onions and pour a little of the cream of cheddar mixture over top.  Sprinkle a little flour over each layer(this is just to help it stick together) add S&P to layers to taste.  Repeat until you have no ingredients left.
Cook for approx 45 mins or until potatoes are soft.  Whammo, you have some cheese-y and super yummy scalloped potatoes.

At the end I added ricotta which I never do.  (it was in my fridge and needed to be used)

I cooked them a night a head just to prepare for tomorrows dinner.  All I will need to do is heat them for maybe 20mins tomorrow night.  If you do as I did, you HAVE to cook them or else your potatoes will go brown. You will see the finished product tomorrow :)

Any questions, let me know.  Enjoy!

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  1. I know what I'm eating for lunch today! Was running out of ideas for today but I have a winner recipe! Thanks, I'll let you know the outcome! :P


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