Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I could have bawled....

ok, ok, I was getting my eyebrows threaded, but OMG does it ever HURT sometimes.  It's my own fault for waiting 3+ weeks-ish but still.  Can't they make it painless somehow?  The end result is worth it but I walk out of there looking like my babe just broke up with me.  Lol.  Anyone else have the same experience?

  Cardi,Scarf& belt/Thrifted.  Skirt, socks&tights/F21, Jacket/Sirens, Shirt/Garage

This is an inspired look from one of my favourite bloggers.  Can anyone guess who?


  1. Loved the outfit! That skirt looks great on you! ... I have my eyebrows done and it's not so bad, you should probably try a different person. Plans for tomorrow? I expect to see a post ;)


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