Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Beautiful Disaster....

I hope that one day I will have this nightmare organized.

Black boots

Booties, pumps (some heels not shown as they are fancy and in boxes), flats and a pair of sneakers (I have more sneakers but they are in my ugly laundry room)

Brown boots
On the right of the picture below, I keep all of my tanks, tripled or more stacked.  I love to layer...... The rest are all my blouses and shirts.
Long Sleeves
Pants on the hangers with yoga pants and leggings on the shelf

Dresses, some jackets
Hoodies and Jackets
If anyone has any suggestion on how I can organize this, please let me know :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Debut!

Love love love them...My outfit...not soo much.  I think I could have made it look a little less"Indiana Jone's girlfriend" with a different shirt but whatever....I love my boots.

Going to be pretty busy this Halloween weekend. Everyone please be safe and HAVE FUN!!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The day has FINALLY arrived!!!!!!

****** UPDATE****** October 29, 2010*******

I wore my boots today.  They are SUPER comfy.  I think yesterday when I tried them on, my feet were a little on the plump side.  I would suggest just getting your normal size, no need to size up  ********************************************************************************************

I cannot even begin to explain how much I love these new boots Carlos Santana, Unity Highway boot.  I had them on for 5 mins and OMGGGGGG.  I am soooo happy that I spotted them on Sydney from tandsdaybook.  They are definitely my new favorite go to boot.  My only complaint is, they aren't really leather...does it really matter?? Not to me :) I ordered a 6.5 and I am normally anywhere from a 6 to 7.  These fit a smidge on the small side but wont effect the comfort of them.  I read some reviews that the calfs are small and people couldn't get them zipped up.  I took a string and wrapped it around the biggest part of the my calf and it measured approximately14 inches.  The boots are approximately 14.5.  I will have plenty of room to tuck my cargo and jeans in them.  They also have a little belt type thing at the top, so if you need a little more room, they can be loosened to help with that.
Here are some pictures for you.
Please excuse my insanely white legs 

Let me know if you have any other questions :)  Oh, and you will have to wait until tomorrows outfit to see them on ;)

Today's outfit....
Whenever I wear this shirt I get sooooooo many comments on being a "hippie" or "that is soooooo what I used to wear when I was young".  I probably could have packed it away with me spring summer stuff (who am I kidding, I never pack my clothes up, lol) but I thought I would wear it today.  My jeans were given to me by a friend (thanks Ny :) )  they are comfy and add to my "hippie" effect.  

Hope you enjoy!!!
 Such a cheesy smile :\

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lions and Zebras and Camels...Oh my

Just a quick post today.  It's 8:15pm and my bedtime, 4:30am comes really quickly :(
The title today is perfect for my outfit.  My hair looks like a lion, my shirt is a Zebra and my boots are camel colour.  Hehehe.  If it wasn't for places like Lookbook or Weardrobe and many other ladies.  I would have never thought to combine all colours and prints like this.  I am nothing but inspired lately!! What do you think?
I am sad to tell you that I did not get my boots today. They have however, been delivered safely (yesss) I just wouldn't make it across the border before the shop closes :( :(  Tomorrow is the day.

 Jeans:TR's, Boots:Sirens, Shirt:Garage, Cardigan:Thrifted

Hope you had a great day!! 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

All you need is a little patience!!!!!

What a glorious day!!!!  Guess what I got?!?!  No, not my boots, those are tomorrow (yes!!) I found cargo Jeggings.  Yep, that's right, they are in my possession as we speak. heheh.  They weren't the original ones I wanted, which I might add weren't actually jeggings, they were cargo khakis. Lol.  I went to my local mall to grab some leggings for my sister (you're welcome darling) You can't send me to a mall without me browsing around (remember, I am a shopoholic I bought 4 basic shirts from there shhh) Anyways, I took a quick trip to see if the AE cargos (These ) were on sale yet, nope not yet....BUT I decided to check the clearance rack and see if there was any cheapo stuff kicking around.  BINGO, whats that tag say?! Cargo Jeggings...My size, I hear a voice "would you like a fitting room?"  "YUP, sure do", I reply.  I get to the room and she then tells me "Just so you know, all clearance is another 30% off...."Jackpot!!!" I said, yep out loud, she looked at me funny but whateve :)  I walked out of AE with a "Fit like a glove" cargo for under $20!!!  Remember this post?? Here ...Thank god I didn't settle for the $60 pair ;)  The cargos will make there debut when my boots arrive.  That's tomorrow.  I think I might go to bed really early so tomorrow comes faster...Just like Christmas day! :)
New purchases (2 shirts not shown, they are just basic tanks)
Today's outfit.  I feel a little country in this.  I love me a good comfy pair of jeans and flowy top.  I picked up this top for $12 from a store called Costa Blanca.  It has a really cute detail on the back.  I didn't take a picture cause my bra straps were showing(huge pet peeve of mine)...One day I will show you.

Hope you enjoy!

Monday, October 25, 2010

*sings* I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky!

Ok, I don't really but for some reason as I was driving home, this song was in my head (I was listening to country lol) I wish I could have taken a picture of the hundreds and hundreds of leaves falling from the trees on the highway.  It was soo blissful and peaceful.  Oh Fall has arrived!!

Anyways, my outfit today has wings...almost.  I got this tunic from my local thrift shop.  Original tags attached.  Esprit wanted $55, thrift store $12.99 score!!!  What do you think??
Date night with STBH...although he is catching some zzzzzz on the couch right now.  I should tickle his feet!....errrrr maybe not, they are work feet EW.  

Shirt&Belt: Thrifted, Leggings&Neckace: Sirens, Boots: ? Can't remember

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cargo jeggings and purple leggings!

Yesterday I went to see if I could find a pair of Cargo Jeggings.  I remember seeing them in my American Eagle email for $29.99

so I gave them a call to see if they had my size.  They did (woohoo) I headed over there, grabbed them off hold and went straight to the change room.  When I went to step into them, I noticed the price tag $59.95, no sale tag WTF.  I asked the lady if they happened to be on sale because online they were half price.  She was going to ask.  I in the meantime I tried them on.  They were really cute.  I couldn't pick between 2 sizes.  One fit perfect and the other was a smidge loose but possibly just as perfect once washed.  I decided to go with the bigger size, just in case they shrunk.  I walked out of the dressing room a little excited because I only really have jeans for bottoms (about 50 pairs) So Olive Green Cargo Jeggings would be a perfect change.  When I went to hand the lady the sizes I didn't want she proceeded to tell me that they were not on sale. :(  They were full price.  uggggghhh.  I was bummmmmmed.  My little angel in my head forced me to hand all sizes back to her (even though I had already thought of my outfit for the evening which included those jeggings) and said, I will order them online as they are half price.  Thanks  so much for your help!  As much as I wanted to walk out with my new jeggings, in my head I know I have a wedding to pay for and from this day forward I would need to find deals deals deals!!

I decide to move on with my day and head home.  I start walking out of the the American Eagle and head towards the exit.  I see one of my favourite stores to get all of my basic tanks from.  I think, hmmm maybe they have similar cargos, I shall go have a look.  I browse really fast and don't see any.  I am about to walk out and I see a table of leggings.  You can never have too many leggings right?  I picked them up and they are thick, cotton and best of all ON SALE.  I grab a pair in a brown colour.  Head to checkout and wait for the lady in front to finish.  I look to my right "Jewelry, buy one get one 50% off" sucked in.  Grabbed a ring that says LOVE and a bracelet that says LUCKY.  Ok, Im done, get me out of this store....I put my new purchases on the counter and the lady says "great leggings, eh!.  You know they are on sale, another 30% off!"  Ohhhh great, here we go, sucked in again.  I go back to the table and grab 2 more colours.  That's it that's all, get me out of here now.  lol she giggled and says" hard to pass up a great deal.  Yup sure is.  
All in all, I am pretty pleased.  I didn't get what I originally wanted but I did walk out with 5 new things for under $50 (I would have spent more on just one pair of jeggings, right lol)

I hope to work these leggings into my fall wardrobe lots.  I wore the purple out last night and they were sooooooooo warm and comfy!!

Here is my outfit from last night.  Wore the purple leggings :) My boots look a little brown in this picture, they are more grey in real life.
Hope you have a great Sunday!!

Boots&Scarf:Thrifted, Leggings:Garage, Shirt:Mantique Sweater:Joe, Jacket:Roxy

PS,  My boots will be here on the 27th!!!!!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Pop of colour!

I can't help but laugh a little.  When STBH is home with me, we fight over the computer.  He has 3 windows open all for his fantasy pools and I will have 5 windows open with different blogs or sites I cruz.  If only my laptop was up and running so we don't need to fight for the chair.   We were just chit chatting that our next computer will probably be a Macbook.  Any thoughts on them?  I have heard nothing but good things but have never really done my research.  Lemme know what you think, pls :)

Who would have thought to pair a belt with a scarf?!?  Sydney, from one of my new favorite blogs ( had her scarf paired with a belt.  Looked sooo cute!  I thought I would steal the idea. Hope you don't mind  Mine also added a pop of colour to my rather boring outfit although, if you look closely I added some leopard flats from Aldo.  Kinda fun, don't you think.

(Shoes: Aldo, Jeggings: Sirens, Tank: Garage, Sweater, Belt, Scarf: thrifted)

 Anyone else guilty of changing once home??  Yupp....I sure am :)  nothing like kicking back gigabiting in comfys.
Hope you enjoy!

I have had a request....

A wonderful reader (ok my WTS) Has requested more views of my outfits.  I promise, from this day forward, I will post more views.  I hope to get a little more comfortable infront of the camera and be a little more daring.

Thanks for reading!


Thursday, October 21, 2010


I was super lazy today, so when getting my eyebrows threaded (ouch) I decided when done, to take a quick look next door for some dinner.  M&M meats shops that is.  STBH and I don't really eat pre-packaged oven food but today, I was lazy :)  I decided there are 2 things I love about packaged oven foods.  1) they are REALLY easy to make and 2) you just throw the container (when done) in the garbage.  Bammmo, NO dishes!!!

I will not let pre-packaged foods be a regular occurrence.......I hope :)

Phew, glad that is off my chest. 

Good night

Had a couple little visitors today.....

Do you not just LOVE having a dog(s)??!!??  I come home and it's nothing but unconditional L.O.V.E.  It puts a smile on my face no matter how crappy my day was.  Love them :)  xoxox  White one is Bella (we call her Belly) Black one is Brady (after Tom Brady)
I would like to add that since having these 2 little lovies....I HATE firecrackers.  Ok, I have hated them forever but hate them even more.  They scare the buuuhjesus (sp?) out of my furry friends.  They give me the look of the last picture when they go off and don't leave me side (cute but sad at the sametime)  Poor little lovies... :(

It took a couple looks in the mirror before I  walked out in today's outfit.  I am not normally one to wear a brown belt with black shoes(boots). Isn't there some sort of rule about belts and shoes? (lol) I figured that since I had a majority of black going on with some blue floral and the colour of my hair, I could pull off the tan belt.  What do you think?  Should I have gone with a black belt?  Thoughts?

Hope you enjoy!

I have promised my STBH (soon to be Husband) that I would stop gigabiting (that's what he calls it when I am on the computer) tonight and work on some serious wedding plans.  Ugh....The fun part is over...I got my dress....Kidding.  Love you STBH

My boots shipped today!!! 5-7ish days until I rock them puppies!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Welllll I did it!!!

Soooo, I found a wonderful loop-hole and got the first pair of boots. They are "Unity Highway" By Carlos Santana. I found a place that will accept shipments on your behalf and they are JUST across the border from where I live!!! (for a small fee of $4) I am REALLY excited to get them. I was on the edge and almost got the Gojane ones, but my soon to be hubby said he liked the original ones better (I actually told him about this soon to be new pair of boots! woot woot) BINGO time to get them. I will be sure to post them as soooon as they arrive....Is it 7 to 10 days yet?? :)  Can't wait for these puppies!!

For now, here is 2 outfit pics. First is from today. What do you think about my new picture taking place? It's in a spare room and I never need to worry about light or weather....hmmm you like? (my belt is thrifted)

Next is from the weekend. Girls night out!!! Wow was that ever fun. Looong but funnnnnn. I was a little iffy about this outfit and changed the pants about 3 times. I couldn't figure out if I liked the back pockets or not. After seeing the pictures, I do..they kinda make my tush look cute... :)  Is it funny that in the first picture my hair looks bigger then my body.  heheh, kinda funny.
Hope you all enjoy!!  xooxox

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I NEEEEEEEEED these boots in my life. Need Need Neeeed them

Now here is the question. I have found them online at a place that only ships to the US for $80 and on a Canadian site for $158. ugggggghhh.
Do I,
A) wait until I go South with my Mother (Nov 5th) and hope they have them in stores(I would call ahead of time)
B) Suck it up and pay the $158 and get them shipped to me
C) Check out these ones in camel and see what the colour looks like in real life. (PS. They would be about $42 shipped to me)
This is the Camel colour
This is Brown
Which one is closer??

D) Find out how much my international shopper can get the real ones for, delivered to my door (would take a couple weeks)

What would you do?? I need them in my life!!!!! ASAP