Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gone Shopping!!!

Ok, ok, I haven't left just yet.  I leave after work.  Unfortunately you won't be seeing an outfit post tonight.  I promise promise promise I will do 2 tomorrow. 

Shopping list (That I am going to stick to no if ands or buts, unless I find something SUPER cute that I must have) 
1) Wedding Invitations
2) Possible Bridesmaids Dresses
3) Belt for STBH
4) Shampoo
5) Conditioner
6) Facewash

Ok, that's it (yaaa right, lets be real) I promise

Hope everyone has a great Thursday night and Friday!


  1. wedding stuff, how lovely! congratulations :) have a great time shopping, hope you find something really nice!

    xxx Charlie

  2. Ha Ha Ha oh for sure two shopaholics with a list of only this to buy. I am lmao. love you baby girl. At least there was no duty


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