Wednesday, May 4, 2011

If you talk to the weather people, sometimes they will listen!



Abercombie Jean Jacke, F21 Blouse, Random Belt, AE Cargos, GoJane Wedges

That's exactly what I did this morning. "escuzy, weather people, my shoes are open toed and it's supposed to rain...anyway you can hold off for another day?!?"
I think the pictures speak for rain!!
These wedges that I got from GoJane were a complete hit.  So comfy too.  It's been awhile since I've worn 5 1/2" heels.  It's a whole new world being that tall....:)  If you look closely in the first picture, you can see the bee was attacking me!

This is a random outfit shot.  Weather wasn't working on my side, indoor shots it was!!
Thifted Button up, Unity Highway Boots

Hope everyone is having a good week.  Happy Hump Day!!