Monday, November 22, 2010

-5 and no socks, who's the smrt one?

That would be me.  The things we do for fashion.  :)  I am definitely feeling the brrrrr in the air now.  I love it.  We had a sprinkle of snow the other day and I cannot wait for more.

Outfit today consisted of pants my sister gave me.  I text her saying I was wearing her black pants, in turn she told me they were brown.  Hmmmm, good thing I had brown tinges in my outfit. 

Lets pretend it summer for a sec.....
Nevermind, too cold.


  1. this look is so sweet! that is such a pretty blouse <3


  2. Ahh -5?? I would not survive in those's a balmy 75 here and I am completely ok with that ;-)

    Love the blouse!


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