Thursday, November 25, 2010

White fluffy stuff and lots of it!

Did we ever get a dump of snow.  It's supposed to turn to rain tonight though :(  Means my drive to work tomorrow is going to suck.  ugh

I bought this floral shirt from H&M when their "Garden" collection came out.  I must say up until today, I was always iffy about it.  I would wear it un-tucked which made it feel like a maternity shirt.  This morning when getting dressed, I had my belt done up around my ribs, to close the sweater just a little.  I felt like I had worn a similar outfit many times so I decided to tuck the shirt in my jeans and wear the belt through the belt loops.  I must say, I have a new liking for the shirt now.

Thrifted belt & sweater, H&M shirt, TR Jeans, Sirens boots.
In the next couple picutres I am playing with my dogs.  Can't really tell though.

Have to clean the snow balls of them.

Bella's "Hurry up look"


  1. We've had very similar weather where I live... a huge dump of snow, and then the temperature went up so it turned into rain. Over night it's going to turn into ice and the commute to work tomorrow will be awful. Love your snow day look, though. Your garden collection top is gorgeous!
    PS: Your dogs are adorable!

  2. Your pups are adorable! ^___^ ... Wish I had snow down here, it love it! ... I loved the pictures! Hope you had a great dinner!

  3. that snow is lovely! ours is melting, but I'm expecting more :)adorable puppy!


  4. Tucking a shirt in always gives you a new fresh look at it. Cute dogs!

  5. I love the print of the blouse...florals are always a great contrast to the snow!

  6. awwww the dog pics are adorbs!

    A Haute Mess

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