Friday, November 12, 2010


The only reason I say TGIF is because it's payday!  I normally work Saturday mornings, I don't really have a TGIF meeee.. Just kidding.  I hope everyone has a safe wonderful weekend.

I went to the dark side for my outfit today.  Took another sweater from STBH.  They are just so freaking comfy and stylish all in one.  Anyone else venture to the dark side of you significant others closet?  I know Sydney from Thedaybook does.  I think her hubby's was exactly like mine.  lol.

Boots/Aldo, Jeans/AE(sirca 2000), Sweater/STBH

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Cute! I love the big comfy sweater with the belt. Really great outfit!

  2. Lol I got paid yesterday too! So what am I doing? Going shopping today! ... I'm getting new Loubies =D ... or so I'm planning! Loved the way glammed up stbh's sweater! It was a great idea =) ....
    Plans for the weekend? ... xo!

  3. The sweater was super comfy. I think I get more wear out of it then my Babes. :)
    It's his bday today...not sure what we are going to do though, he is kinda anti-bdays right now :( boooo

    Thanks for reading!!!


  4. TGIF indeed (although my payday isn't until Monday :P). Love this look- so comfortable and yet so chic!

  5. I love your casual easy outfit, jeans and boots are one of my favorite combos!

    Maryjane xoxo

  6. i love the look of an oversized sweater! soo comfy :)

  7. I got to see you in person, and the outfit looked really really good on you.


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