Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Welllll I did it!!!

Soooo, I found a wonderful loop-hole and got the first pair of boots. They are "Unity Highway" By Carlos Santana. I found a place that will accept shipments on your behalf and they are JUST across the border from where I live!!! (for a small fee of $4) I am REALLY excited to get them. I was on the edge and almost got the Gojane ones, but my soon to be hubby said he liked the original ones better (I actually told him about this soon to be new pair of boots! woot woot) BINGO time to get them. I will be sure to post them as soooon as they arrive....Is it 7 to 10 days yet?? :)  Can't wait for these puppies!!

For now, here is 2 outfit pics. First is from today. What do you think about my new picture taking place? It's in a spare room and I never need to worry about light or weather....hmmm you like? (my belt is thrifted)

Next is from the weekend. Girls night out!!! Wow was that ever fun. Looong but funnnnnn. I was a little iffy about this outfit and changed the pants about 3 times. I couldn't figure out if I liked the back pockets or not. After seeing the pictures, I do..they kinda make my tush look cute... :)  Is it funny that in the first picture my hair looks bigger then my body.  heheh, kinda funny.
Hope you all enjoy!!  xooxox


  1. Congrats on your new addition! They are totally cool, I've bought Carlos Santana's shoes at DSW and they are hot without being expensive! ... Loved you boots on the second outfit ;)

  2. Kristi, I love the last pair of shoes.
    Do you have a link?

  3. Hi Suzy! Just saw this. Here is the link


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