Tuesday, October 5, 2010

First post ever! Topic "Thrifting"

I have decided to take the plunge into blogging. You will need to forgive me now for really not having ANY idea what I am doing.

If my friends are following me, they will know that I am a fashion NUT. I have been since I was little (even though I was matching blue cords with red cowboy boots. I was young, forgive me) I even spent my very first paycheck on clothes. I admit, I am a shopaholic and probably always will (I blame it on my Mother, Love you Mom :) )

I have a huge passion for thrift shopping at the moment. I will be sure to take pics of all of my purchases from this day forward, I really do find great things!!!
I read and article about recycling clothing because it's "greener"
When I originally started my thrift obsession, I was just stoked on the good deals/great brands I happened to be finding. Some with store tags still attached. From reading the article, I feel a lot better for not spending the money in the mall anymore. I can find nearly the exact same things if not better at my local thrift shop.
A lot of people may think it's gross, but really, you take the item home, wash it and BAM it's basically a new piece of clothing. Most shops will look over clothing for holes, stains and other damage so you shouldn't come across too many ugly items.

I suggest you give it a try. You may need some patience (I definitely have a ton of it) and time on your side. Trust me, you will be able to FILL your wardrobe with plenty of unique items!

A big tip, make sure you search outside your size. You would be surprised on what a size L shirt or blouse can look like when you add a belt.

Thanks for reading



  1. Hey you!

    Love the blog...

    So, I know it is probably right taboo to ask, but, where/what are your favorite thrift stores?

    Thrifting is a great way to shop, but I have not had much luck finding stuff that isn't so great. But then again, maybe I just haven't developed and eye for it!

    Take care girl!

    Laura Andrist

  2. hmmm let me see? First I would like to say that I am Kristi's mom. And she definetly not only got the shopaholic thing from me but also thrifting.. I have been doing it for years.So now I guess it is fashionable. But I must say that Kristi is doing really well, can't you tell? She is beautiful and amazing even when she wore her brother turqoise blue shirt hot pink spandex shorts and brown cowboy boots for one week straight. I love you baby girl..Momma


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