Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I NEEEEEEEEED these boots in my life. Need Need Neeeed them

Now here is the question. I have found them online at a place that only ships to the US for $80 and on a Canadian site for $158. ugggggghhh.
Do I,
A) wait until I go South with my Mother (Nov 5th) and hope they have them in stores(I would call ahead of time)
B) Suck it up and pay the $158 and get them shipped to me
C) Check out these http://www.gojane.com/ ones in camel and see what the colour looks like in real life. (PS. They would be about $42 shipped to me)
This is the Camel colour
This is Brown
Which one is closer??

D) Find out how much my international shopper can get the real ones for, delivered to my door (would take a couple weeks)

What would you do?? I need them in my life!!!!! ASAP


  1. Hey! awesome website..caught the link on fb. wow! so talented and have a good eye for fashion too my dear! anywho, just commenting b/c you should see if you know anyone that has a US address (even something like a vacay place in washington or Baker maybe?) then you can have the package sent there and pick it up later? just an idea..I knew a few friends that used to do that. cheers! Andrea

  2. They are all awesome and will give you the same look, you should get the 2nd one in my opinion =)


  3. May I ask what kind of camera you are looking for? I am no expert by any means, but I do love photography and have an SLR myself. You can get some pretty good entry level SLR's for cheap if that is what you are looking for. And hey, if you do we can go out and do some just for fun, learn how to use our cameras photo shoot! :)

    As for the computer - look for some deals around/after the holidays. Laptops have come down in price and you can get them for around $250 to $400.

    Anyways - just thought it would be fun to post a comment!

  4. You know, I think I actually prefer the Go Jane's

  5. I say call the stores in the states, and see if they'll put a pair on hold for you...then get them when you go with your momma. November 5th really isn't that long of a wait.

  6. i have the top ones (copied off of sydney) and love them. glad you're gettin them!!

  7. Yep!! I saw them on her site and loooooooooved them!! She has great taste! Can't wait to get them :)


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