Friday, October 29, 2010

The Debut!

Love love love them...My outfit...not soo much.  I think I could have made it look a little less"Indiana Jone's girlfriend" with a different shirt but whatever....I love my boots.

Going to be pretty busy this Halloween weekend. Everyone please be safe and HAVE FUN!!!!!


  1. I love your boots as well! I don't see anything wrong with the outfit...and even if it is a little "Indiana Jones' GF" she's got style!!

  2. Cute outfit! I can see why you love your boots so much they are great! ... Have a great Halloween day xo!

  3. Lol, thanks Natasha....Cranbrook, eh! I am in Vancouver!! I have been to Cranbrook once and my best memory was going to this little schnitzel place that was yellow. Soooooo yummy!!

    Thanks for reading my blog :)

    You have a great time too!! :)


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