Thursday, October 21, 2010

Had a couple little visitors today.....

Do you not just LOVE having a dog(s)??!!??  I come home and it's nothing but unconditional L.O.V.E.  It puts a smile on my face no matter how crappy my day was.  Love them :)  xoxox  White one is Bella (we call her Belly) Black one is Brady (after Tom Brady)
I would like to add that since having these 2 little lovies....I HATE firecrackers.  Ok, I have hated them forever but hate them even more.  They scare the buuuhjesus (sp?) out of my furry friends.  They give me the look of the last picture when they go off and don't leave me side (cute but sad at the sametime)  Poor little lovies... :(

It took a couple looks in the mirror before I  walked out in today's outfit.  I am not normally one to wear a brown belt with black shoes(boots). Isn't there some sort of rule about belts and shoes? (lol) I figured that since I had a majority of black going on with some blue floral and the colour of my hair, I could pull off the tan belt.  What do you think?  Should I have gone with a black belt?  Thoughts?

Hope you enjoy!

I have promised my STBH (soon to be Husband) that I would stop gigabiting (that's what he calls it when I am on the computer) tonight and work on some serious wedding plans.  Ugh....The fun part is over...I got my dress....Kidding.  Love you STBH

My boots shipped today!!! 5-7ish days until I rock them puppies!!!


  1. Girl you have got some serious style goin on over here! I LOVE it! Such a great look :)

  2. Thanks Sydney!
    As you can see, I have purchased the boots you have. Love love love them!!
    Your blog has and will continue to inspire my daily outfits. Keep them coming :)


  3. Love the new header on your blog! That photo is amazing ;)

  4. love the brown. i think black belt would have been too dark. the brown breaks it up. love what you got goin on... blogger natural.


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