Tuesday, October 26, 2010

All you need is a little patience!!!!!

What a glorious day!!!!  Guess what I got?!?!  No, not my boots, those are tomorrow (yes!!) I found cargo Jeggings.  Yep, that's right, they are in my possession as we speak. heheh.  They weren't the original ones I wanted, which I might add weren't actually jeggings, they were cargo khakis. Lol.  I went to my local mall to grab some leggings for my sister (you're welcome darling) You can't send me to a mall without me browsing around (remember, I am a shopoholic I bought 4 basic shirts from there shhh) Anyways, I took a quick trip to see if the AE cargos (These ) were on sale yet, nope not yet....BUT I decided to check the clearance rack and see if there was any cheapo stuff kicking around.  BINGO, whats that tag say?! Cargo Jeggings...My size, I hear a voice "would you like a fitting room?"  "YUP, sure do", I reply.  I get to the room and she then tells me "Just so you know, all clearance is another 30% off...."Jackpot!!!" I said, yep out loud, she looked at me funny but whateve :)  I walked out of AE with a "Fit like a glove" cargo for under $20!!!  Remember this post?? Here ...Thank god I didn't settle for the $60 pair ;)  The cargos will make there debut when my boots arrive.  That's tomorrow.  I think I might go to bed really early so tomorrow comes faster...Just like Christmas day! :)
New purchases (2 shirts not shown, they are just basic tanks)
Today's outfit.  I feel a little country in this.  I love me a good comfy pair of jeans and flowy top.  I picked up this top for $12 from a store called Costa Blanca.  It has a really cute detail on the back.  I didn't take a picture cause my bra straps were showing(huge pet peeve of mine)...One day I will show you.

Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Lol looking on the sale rack is always an adventure! I've been wanting cargos but no luck for me, I want them to be skinny and all I get is wide and loose! I do shopping for my sister too and I always end up getting stuff for me lol



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