Friday, October 8, 2010

Learning the ropes

It took me 1hr to put this collage together. Why you ask? Not because I couldn't figure out how to work it, but because my STUPID slow As***** computer. I really need to get a new one. Errrrrrrrrrrrrrr
I will soon learn the tricks of the trade, but for now, this will do!

My shirt in this pic is thrifted. I think it was $3. you like?


  1. Hey! Just found your blog on and I'm liking it ;) ... I already added you to my Bloglovin' reader! Welcome to the blogger life ;)

  2. Hi!

    Thanks so much, I am new to the blogging world, very excited about it.

    *going to check yours out right now*

  3. Me :) Nothing a little latter can't do.

    I want a new camera now...... Not just a point and shoot.


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