Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cargo jeggings and purple leggings!

Yesterday I went to see if I could find a pair of Cargo Jeggings.  I remember seeing them in my American Eagle email for $29.99

so I gave them a call to see if they had my size.  They did (woohoo) I headed over there, grabbed them off hold and went straight to the change room.  When I went to step into them, I noticed the price tag $59.95, no sale tag WTF.  I asked the lady if they happened to be on sale because online they were half price.  She was going to ask.  I in the meantime I tried them on.  They were really cute.  I couldn't pick between 2 sizes.  One fit perfect and the other was a smidge loose but possibly just as perfect once washed.  I decided to go with the bigger size, just in case they shrunk.  I walked out of the dressing room a little excited because I only really have jeans for bottoms (about 50 pairs) So Olive Green Cargo Jeggings would be a perfect change.  When I went to hand the lady the sizes I didn't want she proceeded to tell me that they were not on sale. :(  They were full price.  uggggghhh.  I was bummmmmmed.  My little angel in my head forced me to hand all sizes back to her (even though I had already thought of my outfit for the evening which included those jeggings) and said, I will order them online as they are half price.  Thanks  so much for your help!  As much as I wanted to walk out with my new jeggings, in my head I know I have a wedding to pay for and from this day forward I would need to find deals deals deals!!

I decide to move on with my day and head home.  I start walking out of the the American Eagle and head towards the exit.  I see one of my favourite stores to get all of my basic tanks from.  I think, hmmm maybe they have similar cargos, I shall go have a look.  I browse really fast and don't see any.  I am about to walk out and I see a table of leggings.  You can never have too many leggings right?  I picked them up and they are thick, cotton and best of all ON SALE.  I grab a pair in a brown colour.  Head to checkout and wait for the lady in front to finish.  I look to my right "Jewelry, buy one get one 50% off" sucked in.  Grabbed a ring that says LOVE and a bracelet that says LUCKY.  Ok, Im done, get me out of this store....I put my new purchases on the counter and the lady says "great leggings, eh!.  You know they are on sale, another 30% off!"  Ohhhh great, here we go, sucked in again.  I go back to the table and grab 2 more colours.  That's it that's all, get me out of here now.  lol she giggled and says" hard to pass up a great deal.  Yup sure is.  
All in all, I am pretty pleased.  I didn't get what I originally wanted but I did walk out with 5 new things for under $50 (I would have spent more on just one pair of jeggings, right lol)

I hope to work these leggings into my fall wardrobe lots.  I wore the purple out last night and they were sooooooooo warm and comfy!!

Here is my outfit from last night.  Wore the purple leggings :) My boots look a little brown in this picture, they are more grey in real life.
Hope you have a great Sunday!!

Boots&Scarf:Thrifted, Leggings:Garage, Shirt:Mantique Sweater:Joe, Jacket:Roxy

PS,  My boots will be here on the 27th!!!!!!!


  1. Loving the new look of your blog, and liked those purple leggings way too much, never seen them before, sorry about your cargos, it sucks when stuff like that happens =/ ... xo!

  2. Dear Sister,

    Looove the outfit. Please get all three of those leggings for me. We don't have the store down here :(

  3. love them

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think


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