Thursday, February 10, 2011

You learn something new everyday!!

I hope I am not the only one that figured this out.
I have had my car for over a year now (Acura RDX) Whenever I get gas and gently place the gas lid on my paint, I think to myself...How stupid that they wouldn't make something to prevent any scratches.
Fast forward to this afternoon. I am pumping my gas and watch an older lady start the process of payment...I kind of giggle as she is mouthing the words of what she is doing. She pops her tank, loosens the lid and places it on the flippy out thing.....I look again....WHAT???!!! I look at mine and sure enough, I have a gas lid holder toooooo. For the love of PETE. I never knew that. I no longer need to cringe every time I get gas. I wonder if any of my other cars had this same very thing.....oops :)

One other thing...when did the colour of smarties get so pale?  I swear they used to be a little more vibrant in colour...

Ok. one more thing figured out today....Set the flash on my camera to ON in order not to look so insanely pale in my pictures!!!

Thrifted Skirt, Tank, Sweater, Unity Highway Boots, H&M Tights and a Vintage Belt from my Mother.


  1. Lol yep we get to learn the most random things like that everyday! Glad you're learning how to work your camera, even the most simple one has so many functions we never discover! Loved the print on your skirt, girly! What are you planning for Vday?

  2. Haha that is too funny! On the bright side, you'll never have this problem ever again1 :) Cute outfit!! Love the colors--reminds me that spring is just around the corner!

    <3 kris&kel

  3. You don't look pale you look gorgeous!!

  4. Loving that skirt, and your hysterical gas holder discovery!

  5. Ok, silly Canadian question from an American: are you talking about the chocolate Smarties, or the chalky sweet things (rockets?)

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  6. Amber Lena
    Im talking about the chocolate smarties. They colour has changed soooo much. Maybe they are trying to save on ink stuff?

    Thanks ladies!!!!

  7. Not pale at all. Loving the color mix up in this outfit. I also LOVE thrifting! Most of my wardrobe is now GW. I just posted my last week worth of clothes wear.

  8. didnt know that eithet. did you know on your dash there is an arrow pointing to which side of the car the tank is? I discovered that last year... would have saved me embarassment a few times. especially driving someone elses car!

  9. great combo of colors. Loving your blog!


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