Wednesday, February 9, 2011

 Nothing like a fitted blazer to make you feel uber professional.  Anyone else feel that way when you wear them??  This was a thrifted find months ago and I am pretty sure I am wearing it to death.  Love it.  I have said this before, to bring it up to date a little I have exposed the lining on the sleeves. 

 Like my scarf?  It was my Great Great Grandmas.  It's incredibly soft and perfect for the little tuck in blazer thing I did.  Makes me look like I have a blouse underneath. 
 Thrifted Jeans & Blazer, Random Tanks, Aldo Boots(that need to be cleaned)
***Can someone explain to me how I create a button?  I just tried to link the "Everybody Everywear" and it just came up as a link.  ******


  1. Oooo what a great idea with the scarf!

  2. So agree with you on that one! Everytime I want to look respectable at the office, I'd wear a blazer for sure! ... That one fits great on you, hope to see it a lot around! Looks like you're having a better weather,aren't you? Or is it just the floral cute scarf?

  3. Love the scarf!!!


  4. You have gorgeous hair!! Great outfit, and I love what you did with the scarf.

    I used a few different sites to create buttons on my blog, it depends if you want the HTML box underneath it so people can post it on their site, or if you just want to place it on your site. Here is one of the sites that helped me A LOT:

    I hope this helps!! (I did host all of my pictures through image shack and/or photo bucket to create my buttons to, as you need a direct link url to create the button)

    Kirstin Marie

  5. The scarf and the blazer complements each other. Love the look, eh.

    Cathy@medical uniforms


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