Monday, February 21, 2011

Did you know


Thrifted: Tank & Tunic. Vintage Belt: Mom, Sweater: Joe, Carlos Santana Unity Highway Boot 
It's raining/snowing out, my hair is straight therefore you only get indoor shots.
Celine Dion is on Oprah and I like her outfit
Her house is my dream house 
I sometimes add milk to chocolate milk,
As I am writing this, the snow flakes got HUGE
My sister has been asking to borrow this tunic for a couple months now...I guess after today it's out of rotation and she can now have it.
My wedding is 140ish days away and I CANNNOT wait!!!!!
It has now stopped snowing
Have a great evening!


  1. Oh goody! Can't wait to borrow!
    Love this outfit!

  2. I'm such a big fan of Celine, but I'll have to wait til tomorrow to see Oprah, they transmit it down here a day later, isn't that lame? ...

  3. Love your outfit! It's a gorgeous tunic, I can see why she wants to borrow it! I saw like, 2 minutes of Oprah yesterday, and I agree...Miss Dion has a very nice house.

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! Also gotta say: I browsed through a few of your last posts: your new kitchen looks AMAZING. Someone should come and fix mine up.

  4. No wonder your sister has been asking to borrow this tunic, it's fabulous! I especially love the zipper :) I totally understand your rationale on the indoor photos, too... the weather in the lower mainland is just not good for straightened hair.

  5. Love this tunic! So pretty!
    xo Cara


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