Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Professional Shopper!

A majority of my shopping (besides thrift) I do online.  Some companies have insane international rates, some don't even ship to Canada and others just have the item I am looking for cheaper (Remember this?)
I found a sneaky way to avoid all of the above.  I live 10 minutes from the US border.  There is a company there that will accept packages on your behalf (for a very small fee of $4)  It's pretty fantastic.  (I tell them everytime)  This means that I have to cross the border each time.  I swear, every time I get a male border guard.  They do the usual and ask where I am going, how long I will be and what am I crossing for.  I guess they can see when the last time I made the trip across (December 24th to be exact) and the US guy says "Again?" I say "Yup" and he looks at me with a straight face and lets me go in.

On the way back from picking up my recent purchases (see below) I get another male Canadian border guard.  He asks the usual, where did you go, how long were you gone, what did you get?  I tell him, with a smile on my face "2 pairs of boots and a pair of pants" he asks "and how much in total" I say "$70" he says "Really, for all that?" and I say, with a smile on my face "Yup, I am a professional shopper!" with a laugh.  I have yet to see a smile from any of the border guards ever...until today! It was cute...although he probably thought I was crazy...or that he hears that from his wife on a daily basis.

Really, when you think about it...I should be a professional shopper.  My friends would say I should! :)

Check out the new boots I got!  Since the black, Carlos Santana Unity Highway (CSUH) ones are sold out, I opted for the these ones from GoJane.  They are very similar in quality and I would say fit the same way, although the calf is much wider than my CSUH ones.  I snagged them for $28 (they email codes weekly)  The blue zipper is more vibrant than the CSUH ones but I figured the price made up for it.  Stay tuned for upcoming outfits with these suckers. 
If you like the GoJane ones, be careful you are buying the ones that I have linked.  There is a VERY similar pair on their site but it has a fake zipper and is just a pull on.  Not as cute as the zippered pair IMO

 These are also from GoJane.  It's a foldover heel.  They kinda look beaten up in this picture but it's just how my camera took the picture.  The quality is good and the faux suede is a deep black (not faded as the picture shows)  The calfs are wide enough to tuck in jeans with some room.  Again, stay tuned for upcoming outfits. 

Todays outfit was inspired by This post by Honeybee she's right, you really can't go wrong with a blazer, jeans(mine are actually cropped but you can't tell) and a knee-high boots!  Comfy yet classic.

Thrifted Blazer, Random Tanks & Jeans, Miss Sixty Bliss Boots
Until next time!


  1. oh my gosh I love your story! your boots are so cute, such pretty style :)


  2. Great purchases! They were definitely worth crossing the border, loved the story guy is somewhere still laughing at your answer! haha


  3. nice boots. xx

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway on my blog for a fox tail if you'd like to check it out. :)


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