Thursday, January 27, 2011

FYI Carlos Santana Unity Highway boot.....

Back in stock and ON SALE!!!! Black and Brown. I found that they are TTS(true to size)
Famous Footwear Carlos Santana <------Click


  1. if only i had the mooolah for those boots! they're delicious. please tell me you're getting them? or already have them? :)

  2. I do have them already in brown. BUT I got my black ones from Gojane. They are have the price of the FF ones. or if you look further down my blog I had a link for them :)

  3. Do you know where I can buy these now?

    1. I've been looking for them all over, even ebay, but I can;t find them anywhere. If you find them somewhere, can you please let me know by replying to this message? Thanks


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