Thursday, January 6, 2011

Throw back to 2000 and 2004---ish

I have had this sleeveless turtle neck since 2000-ish and the jean skirt since 2004-ish.  I couldn't part with either, even after years of closet purges.  I also haven't worn either of them since the years I got them.  As I was standing infront of my closet last night (oh yes, day 2 of picking my outfit the night before) I tried to think of something different I could wear.  This came to mind.  It's very safari so I thought I would add this Elephant bracelet I found at a thrift shop...cute, right!!
I am also really digging kneehigh socks.  So be ready to see them on a weekly basis....different colours of course!
Do you have anything in your closet that you have had for YEARS???

Jacket: Charolet Russe, Scarf: Walmart, Turtleneck:Random 2004 Leggings: Garage, Kneehighs: Ardene's Boots: Famous Footwear Unity Highway Belt:Thrifted


  1. Hmmmm...pretty much everything. I am a sucky closet purger. And I pretty much never grow any, so my clothes fit FOREVER and I can't seem to part with them...great job mixing this...cutie scarf!

  2. Love your kinda military jacket! Charlotte Russe is one of my secret favorite places to shop, haha so many cheap great stuff! ... Great accessorie choice! ...

  3. I actually really love that turtle neck. It's great how you can rework older pieces and nobody ever knows! Love the scarf too!

  4. lol.. you know all the old stuff I have in my closet. I am glad that you took some of it home!
    Geez I am still wearing your high school grad
    Love you

  5. Thanks everyone. Comments make my day :) :)

  6. I have a few pieces in my closet like that; things I just can't get rid of even though I never wear them. Good for you for find a way to make tha denim skirt combination work, I think this is one of my favourite looks of yours so far!


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