Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I resemble an 80's mom

But I love it!

I scored these pants from GoJane with a 30% off code.  I got them in a medium but for sure wish they had a small. They are probably one of the most comfortable pants I've worn.  Highwaisted,breathy and loose.  I call them my Mom pants, they have pleats at the front and a cuffed 80' Mom, power suit and pointy heels. 


  1. So LOVE the pants! They are amazing, have an unique silhouette so hard to find nowadays! Totally like the 80's assemble! ... Btw there's a little mention of you on my post today, tagged you on a "7 thing" thingy hope you can check it! GN!

  2. awh you look so cute in these! definitely more chic than a mom ;)


  3. Hey Daisy I have some more of these in my closet waiting to go to sally
    Love you


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