Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Are you wearing pants?....

How embarrassing....My dress had some major static cling going on today. I was at work and a fellow worker asked me if my dress was pants. "Nope, Nope they aren't" and try not to burst out laughing. I had nothing, zilch, nadda to help me out. I tried water, siran wrap, I even tried sticking a coat hanger up my dress and drag it around to catch some of the worked...until I took my first step. Ugh....Are there any secrets out there for emergency static cling relief???

Cardigan is thrifted $2.99 Dress is thrifted 3.99 Boots are from Aldo.


  1. Oopsie! .. But don't worry honey that lovely dress was worth it! ... I was told Powder for babies works, haven't tried it but so I heard! ...

  2. I don't know if this qualifies as emergency but if you take a static sheet from the dryer and rub it under your dress, especially if you have on tights or hose, it really helps. Otherwise, just a good old-fashioned slip usually keeps it from getting too staticy. Love your dress though!

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