Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Extendadrobe: Extending your wardrobe Via your fiance's.

That is what I did today.  I can't even explain how comfy some of my fiance's shirts are.  This one is from Abercrombie and I bought it for him about 2 years ago.  I am pretty sure I wear it more than he does.

Like the new boots?  They are almost more comfy than my CSUH ones.  They have a little more give in the material so when sitting and walking they actually bend a little more.  I added some kneehighs to break up the black a little (I tend to do that often, have you noticed?)

Can we talk about seat belts for a second.  They are life saving for sure but jeeeezzzzz.  Look at what it has done to the bottom of my sweater.  I need a purse size steamer to follow me all day. 


  1. Wow, loving that look.
    I should start doing this but unfortunately I'm single...


  2. cute! Love the socks peeking out of the boots!

  3. I JUST bought this exact same pair of boots!!! They are so comfy and easy to wear...I like the edge they give to your "boyfriend" style clothes.

    <3 Cambria

  4. That shirt looks amazing- nothing oversized has ever suited me (it just makes me look like I'm a little kid who has been dressing up in my mom's- or dad's, as the case my be- clothes!) but your fiance's shirt looks amazing on you and I love those boots :)
    PS: I think I saw purse-sized steamers, or at least small ones, at Target once!

  5. Love the boots! And I steal my hubby's shirts way way way too often. They're just so dang comfortable. He also gets a little frustrated when he wants to wear his basktetball shorts around the house, but I already have them on. Ha. They're my "stay-at-home" comfy pants.


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