Saturday, March 12, 2011

Polka Dot Hate



My BF hates this top. Every time I pull it out or have it on he give me this look of "Are you serious" and then he actually says "Are you serious" I found it thrifting and I can tell it's "vintage" by the feel and the buttons. I love it. I look right back at him with the "yup, I am serious" and then I wear it and I wear it proud and loud!

Do you ladies have anything that your SO's can't stand?


  1. A jacket I have from American Eagle. It's very plain looking with pink and purple stripes on the inside. He hates it. I LOVE IT!

    Your top is cute!

    Style of a tootsy pop

  2. SUCH cute boots! I think this top is really cute, vintage is always the best!


  3. Today I showed my boyfriend my new all-sequin mini dress I bought for a special occasion, and he was like O_O ... But he admitted later he liked it on second glance. And since I know he wouldn't say it if it wasn't so, all is well. I'd have worn it anyway even if he had thrown up on the spot, I mean, who doesn't love a (good) sequin dress? ^^ But I'm still glad he likes it.

    Relatable Style

  4. Cute Top! it really suits you hun. drooling over the boots to!!

  5. Can't see why he hates it, think color it's pretty on you, no bf at the moment but I remember my ex hated leopard, no wonder it didn't work out ha ha. Hope you have a lovely sunday!

    <3 Cess O.

  6. Love your shirt!! Great outfit dear!!:)



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