Friday, December 3, 2010

You know that little zipper.....

That is supposed to keep your pants closed?!?  Mine decided to be a little devilish today and play "how low can it go"  Ugh, about 97656546 times I had to pull that puppy up.  Does anyone else have that problem with a pair of pants/jeans?  Is there a secret to stop it from happening??  Please do telL, thx!
My outfit, again is inspired by a fave blogger of mine Thedaybook  She is just too darn cute!! :)

Famous Footwear Boots, Random Scarf & Jeans, Thrifted Sweater


  1. So this is like months late but I have a tip on the zipper! Make sure that the pull tab is pointed down and laid flat against the zipper teeth. It has a tiny little indentation in it that is supposed to catch in the zipper teeth and keep things zipped.


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