Sunday, December 19, 2010

Went to my fav thrift store today...look what I got!

Everything for $70 avrg price of an item $11.
Super cute vintage wrap dress.  Very flowy and will be perfect with some boots. 
Stoked on this fur vest.  Pretty sure it's a must in everyones wardrobe right now
Oversize cozy sweater.  It's probably a smidge too big but I like it. 
Another o/s sweater
This shear blouse is sooooo stinking nice.  I can't even believe someone let it go. 
Look forward to wearing this blouse with jeans...Although it's VERY similar to the one I just wore the other day, I might return this.
Pretty good scores, eh!!

I also scored this H&M dress last weekend. I wore it to my work Christmas party last night. Sooo comfy and different from anything I have worn in previous years. I altered it a little though. I didn't like how the shoulder straps were so wide. It kinda looked awkward with too much fabric. All I did was snipe the strings you use to hang the dress up and tied them in knots around the shoulders. This gathered the fabric and made it a little more sexy.  I also wore a a bow belt to breakup the pattern a little.


  1. I'm seriously jealous of your thrifted items! They are all great! Specially that fur ves is awesome!

    looked lovely btw!

  2. Great finds...the vest and the dress are cute!

  3. Okay, I am absolutely dying to know where this fabulous thrift store is! You always find the best things! We don't live that far apart, it must be somewhere I could reasonably get to even if it took a little planning. Do tell!


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