Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I figured, why not!

If 4000+ people have looked at my pictures(ok a few hundred would be me), why not let someone I know take some, right!?! I want to do outdoor shots(when not raining)and my work has sooo many interesting backgrounds. Although, I could never get the courage to ask. Until today. I asked our receptionist to snap a couple. 1. I just happened to like.

I also asked my Sis where she thought a good place around my house would be. She suggested my front thoughts as well. So, tried it out today...gotta say, I kinda like them. What do you think?
Charlotte Russe jacket, H&M Garden Shirt, Hurley Skinny Jeans, Sirens boots.
These ones were taken with my handy latter as a tripod :p


  1. That's a great picture infront of the train.
    The steps are also great...I think indoor pictures are hard to get right, but outdoor ones take more time and planning...and also depend on the weather....and can be quite akward when people are around watching..haha

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  2. LOve the new outside shots!! SO cute!!

  3. Nice! ... though I have nothing against your green solid wall, it's great to see you are experimenting with other backgrounds! ...

  4. Great pics Kristi--looks a tripod is on your list to Santa this year! LOL.

  5. I love the photos in front of the train! Starting to do outdoor photography took a while for me, but once I got going I found it made such a difference to my pictures- and people's response to them. Keep experimenting :)


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