Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Am I the only one......

That will tell the person that compliments me on "X" article of clothing, where it's from? I catch myself doing it allll the time. I think it's because I am a proud thrift shopper and I don't think many people think I do. Anyone else do the same thing?

50% of the items I am wearing are thrifted. Cardi & Leather Skirt are both from my favourite V V. Which reminds me, I need to take a trip there soon. It's been awhile...(since Nov 15th when they had there 50% off sale)

I am super bummed.  I had my Babe take my photos for me and what do I do?!?  Delete my favourite one :( :(  So now we are left with half as* ones..ugh.  I tried to do a photo recovery but I don't think they even work.  stupid.  


  1. Great leather skirt! looks great on you! Evertyime I see your thrifted clothes I wish for a store like that down here, thee are none! =(


  2. Beautiful.

    If that leather skirt goes missing you know where it is...

    Freya ♥


  3. I love the leather pencil skirt!
    I'm the same way with clothes..if I found it for a great deal I get sooo excited to tell them where I bought it and how cheap it was..haha


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